This product line is fully produced and assembled at our factory in New York. This allows us to maintain full control of the quality of the product we sell. Our bullet clutches meet all nickel, lead, cadmium and phthalate minimums of the jewelry industry. The medical grade insert will ensure a positive grip and will prevent “lock-up”. Being totally automated allows R.G. Flair to keep our prices competitive. Match the clutch with a low cost, high quality post made from R.G. Flair and watch your savings grow. For complete details visit our “Bullet Clutch” section under our “Base Metal” product line.

Our new fancy shape settings are manufactured with the same quality that you expect from R.G. Flair. They are currently available in six shapes. Simply glue in your stone or pearl and you have a complete pair of earrings. The flowers accommodate a 3mm, 3.5mm and 4mm foil back stone or pearl. With a rainbow of colors available in stones and pearls, the possibilities are endless. Match your flower setting with one of our quality butterfly clutches or our bullet clutch which complies with worldwide restrictions on cadmium, lead and nickel.

To see our line of fancy shape settings click here. Watch for new shapes to come !!!!! To receive samples or pricing of this product line, please email us at sales@rgflair.com or call our sales team at 800-443-5247 today.